IKONIC: A Group Show

Solo exhibition

May 2019

This exhibition consisted of material collected from the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham in April 2018. Recording each of the three exhibitions on display at Ikon; one audio, two videos, and a visitors’ chair. First I walked around filming Langlands & Bell’s ‘Internet Giants : Masters of the Universe’ which reflected on data corporations use of architecture in the design of their headquarters to impose their ideologies. Then I went upstairs to the seven minute found footage film ‘Assange Dancing’ by Clement Cogitore. Once I’d got that I carried on up to the last exhibition and recorded the sounds made by Rie Nakajima’s kinetic sculptures in ‘Cyclic’. I walked back through the gallery, coming out on the first floor where I picked up one of the Ikon’s foldout visitors’ chairs. I placed my arm through the frame and put my long coat on to cover it, then I left the gallery.