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Sound installation



infradroner is a site-responsive durational sound installation which contains audio recordings taken from a number of electronic devices found within the Camden Art Centre building; devices such as a boiler, alarm system, drill chargers, plant room control panels and motor, microwave, freezer, dishwasher, light switch, server, computer, extension cable, shredder and photocopier. Using guitar pedals and basic editing systems, the high frequency signals have been amplified and distorted to create a soundscape of shifting electronic drones played out into the space. Situated throughout the internal infrastructure of the building and embedded into the day-to-day operations of Camden Art Centre, these minute sounds are normally too slight to notice. Within the work details reveal the process used to create it; from the delay of FX pedals to the crack of cables disconnecting. In this way infradroner is a magnification of electricity, each link in the chain adding its own texture, through to the speakers playing it into the space where the recordings were first taken.

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