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Remembering Mabgate Town Hall
March 2019
Group exhibition

Amid the pressure of rapid redevelopment, the Town Hall closed its doors on the night of this exhibition. Founded at the point of its destruction Mabgate Town Hall attempted to build its legacy in this one night exhibition. The buildings’ closure is an all too familiar sight as the redevelopment of Leeds city centre stretches eastwards and such important municipal buildings are increasingly forced out of existence. The building was vacated at the end of the month in preparation for the subsequent construction of apartments.

Remembering Mabgate Town Hall manifests from the loss of a space that never existed. Drawing on the history of the site as a space for creative activity the artists express a nostalgia for something that never happened. As such Mabgate Town Hall can only be remembered now in the form of an imagined future.

Exhibiting Artists: Toby Kilby-Pollard, Henry Cottam, Megan Clay-Dennis, Jenny Handley, Lewis Blanch and Oliver Getley.

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