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Site Built

Photography by Ronnie Danaher

Site Built is an exhibition and creative project presented by Oliver Getley responding to the area of Mabgate, Leeds. The exhibition consists of kinetic sound devices and sculptures made from a deconstructed washing machine sourced from the local area and self-built circuitry.


This exhibition is the conclusion of year long project, made-up of a series of interpretive processes explored by the artist and a group of Music Performance students from Leeds City College. Beginning with two workshops in which the students and artist investigated and reinterpreted the soundscape of Mabgate through a listening walk, instrument design, score-making and improvisational performances. These performances were recorded and will be released at a later date.


Following these sessions, the artist continued to experiment with the machine parts, reconstructing them into kinetic sound devices and sculptures which are brought together in this exhibition. Site Built can be understood as a re-physicalisation of Mabgate, developed through several layers of interpretation and utilising the same experimental and improvisational approaches throughout. The installation has been designed specifically with the Blank space in mind, bringing the objects together with its architectural characteristics.


Oliver Getley has had an ongoing interest in Mabgate since the closure and subsequent movement of his studio space in 2019, FIIK, formerly known as Lady Beck and Enjoy before that. The loss of this artist-led studios and project space, after a decade of activity, came under the larger context of redevelopment as the City Centre continues to expand, pushing out residents and local industries. Evidenced by the drastic changes in the physical makeup of Mabgate, just four years on.

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